Get Affordable Animation & Explainer Videos

Looking for a whiteboard animation or explainer videos for an affordable price?
We produce different types of presentation videos using different techniques & styles, best of all we have the cheapest rates.
Our rates start as low as 60$-120/min for a simple video or intro, and 300$/min to 900$/min for more complex explainers (5 x cheaper than competitors).

Why would you need an Explainer Video ?

Here's the advantages of having an explainer video.

Increase Time on Site

With a video explainer, you can be sure that the website visitors will stick around enough time to know what you are offering.

400+% More Sales

Studies showed that on average there are a 400% increase in sales or conversions when an explainer video is added to a site.

Better remembered

Ideas are more likely remembered when they are presented as visuals instead of text. A video would be remembered 6x more than text.

Easier to Understand

In a minute or two, the viewer will be able to easily understand what you are presenting, and thus be able to better interact with it.

Improve Branding

Explainer and intro videos have a huge effect on small businesses branding, and even improve branding of bigger corporations.

Targeted Client Acquisition

When used as an advertising medium, Explainer video give great results in targeted client acquisition.

Explainer Videos are better Presentations

Or maybe investors Pitches.
Easy to Share
Give you a Global Reach
Encourage Discussion

Explainer Video Cost

The price difference is mostly due to the difference in quality of execution.

Basic Video

From $60-$120 per minute
  • Voice Narration
  • Background Music
  • Standard Video Quality
  • Revisions
  • Sound effects
  • Focus on Details
Starting $60

Standard Video

$250-$400 per minute
  • Voice Narration
  • Background Music
  • HD Video Quality
  • max 2 Revisions
  • max 3 Sound effects
  • Focus on Details
Starting $250

PRO Video

From $500-$900 per minute
  • Voice Narration
  • Background Music
  • Full HD Video Quality
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • As needed Sound effects
  • Focus on Details
Starting $500

Whiteboard Animation Video

Whiteboard Animation are also known as Video Scribe or Fast drawing, our offers for this type of video start from 100$ /minute for basic whiteboard animation, up to 900$ /minute for very High quality, professional, detail oriented videos.

  • Custom Characters

    You want to have your face in the presentation? Not a problem, we can draw anything. We can create a very custom Video Scribe.

  • Very Economical

    Best alternative to the more expensive explainer videos, Video Scribes are 3x cheaper, & as a result can be best choice when having a long project.

Animated Video Intro

Brand your videos with a custom intro or outro, with a logo or special message. Or we can create a specific animated video for specific marketing purposes.

  • Video intro : Improve Branding

    Remind your viewers of the brand and it's primary message.

  • Video Outro : Better Call to Action

    A video outro can yield better result and can be a better call to action.

Our Explainer & Animation Videos Portfolio

For more examples of our work please send us a message.

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